29 March 2010

Dude, I'll be so grounded if you tell my mom

Growing up, we've all done some not-so-smart things that we tried to keep quiet. While I don't condone having "rob a convenience store" on any teenager's to-do list, I would think that "failed theft attempt" is the type of news you wouldn't want to get back home. I would also think that if most of us got caught up in an convenience store fail, one of the things out of our mouths wouldn't be "Please don't tell my mom".

Either this guy didn't really understand what kind of trouble he was causing, or his mom is so completely ruthless that the thought of facing her was equal do dealing with the cops. Part of me understands, though. I don't know his mom but I know mine, and when I was young I think I'd rather take my chances with Chicago's finest rather than some old school asian justice.

I don't know what's funnier about this story though, picturing this kid asking the clerk not to tell his mom before he took off, or the mental image I have of the would be robber getting face smacked to the floor when he tried to pull a knife.

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