02 March 2010

Safe sex...Like an Olympian!

I think most would agree that the Vancouver Olympics weren't ideal. There does seem to be one thing they nailed for gold though, and that's the medal for protecting the athletes and spectators away from the field. Over 100,000 condoms were handed out during the games by the British Columbia Centre for Disease Control.

That's one hundred thousand, with a reported shipment of 8,500 more when they were running out.

I would guess that there were over a million people (athletes, support, spectators, etc.) that attended the Olympics. If that's right, then that would mean one condom for every ten people. That may be a small number for Vegas, but to me that means that the good folks in Vancouver were prepared for ten percent of the people in their town to score off the field and at the same time prevent some sort of weird, world wide STD foreign exchange program.

Their foresight only confirms what I've always thought about the Olympics (having never been to one, and considering the Chicago 2016 attempt probably won't in the near future either):

1. Vancouver is cooler than I originally thought
2. Thousands of well trained athletes + down time after their event + private Olympic village + it's cold outside = wow!
3. Meeting someone from another country, in another country almost automatically makes them hotter

Despite their "Eat Like an Olympian" line, McDonalds can never convince me that downing a burger and fries puts me anywhere near the level of a dedicated Olympic athlete. But if some enterprising condom company could outfit me with the same stock being handed out at the Olympic village....

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