10 March 2010

Woman delivers her own baby, then picks up her other child on the way to the hospital

There's an AP story about how a Woman delivers surprise baby, picks up other son

I don't know what weirds me out about this story the most. I've seen enough TLC documentaries to believe that unknown pregnancies probably happen more often than I think. Delivering in the laundry room and cutting the cord on her own? Ok, plausible. Picking up her other kid afterwards? Now we're stretching things a bit aren't we? But maybe she had no babysitter. Or no one else was around to pick him up instead. If she didn't know she was pregnant then dad wouldn't have been on high alert. She probably didn't want to be a bother.

But stopping at mom's to show her her new grandchild on the way to the hospital? Maybe I've been in the city too long. I know being in or near a hospital is not a requirement, and that people can use midwives and what not and never step foot in a hospital. If you're of that mindset though, why after all that even bother going to the hospital?

In any event, if this story is real, then this lady's twelve times more of a man than I am, and probably at least that much more than the kids dad.

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