27 April 2010

free! [music]

Everyone likes free stuff right? Amazon's Gold Box thing has opened up and is offering free downloads of over 1,500 songs until May 1st (2010 if you're looking at this in the Archives later). The entire list of offerings is here.

I haven't attempted to grab any of these yet, so if there's a catch anywhere I haven't discovered it. I also don't know if you folks outside of the US are able to participate in the mp3 grab fest, but there's really only one way to find out.

As with all things, you get what you pay for. Be realistic in what you think Amazon's gonna put out there as a free download. Having said that, there's a bunch of Dancehall that's catching my eye as I browse this list, and there seems like no better time to grab some tunes from those genres I've been ignoring lately or have yet to explore.

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