11 April 2010

Get to know: ScoJourners

It's not always about Chicago and House music in the land of FlipFob. Check out these cats from the Bay. The ScoJourners are a five member crew of born and raised San Franciscans joining forces to bring their own flavor of hip hop to the masses.

Three of the ScoJourners had independent releases before coming together. Previous releases by Skitz the Samurida, Estairy ("Hands Up" gave us one of our most favorite beats ever), and Curt Sak have graced our speakers since they first came across our desks three or four years ago.

But you don't need us to tell you the story they can tell you on their own. Check out the vid and judge for yourself. The Premiere is out on itunes now, and a self titled album is in the works for 2010. ScoJourner official web home is on myspace.

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