21 April 2010

Google stalking

As most people know by now, there are hundreds of ways to stalk people on the internet. Leaving social networking out of it, the original stalker tool was the search engine. Once we discovered a computer could go out and find stuff for us our own natural instincts led us to search everyone we knew at that moment, then someone we used to know and love hate, and finally ourselves, although not necessarily in that order.

Once Google took over the search world, they immediately became the default stalker tool regardless of your reason.

Why stop there? It looks like Google has decided to start stalking people on their own. If you haven't actually seen one of the Google cars that take the Street View shots, you've wondered what they look like. (Unless of course you have no idea what Street View is, which would be a posting for another day.) Of course if you do see one, the first chance you get you'll be looking up that intersection to try and see yourself.

At some point in the future your mug might be in a grainy image for that intersection, and maybe you'll even get a couple more if you live in an urban area. (At which point you will either cry 'Cool!' or 'Invastion of privacy!'.) But 43 times while you're walking the dog?

"I didn't know what it was doing. It was just driving round very, very slowly." - Wendy

In my mind the progression of shots would end up with her pulling out her mobile, with the final one being the Street View car being followed by a squad car. Oh, wait...

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