29 April 2010

Is that a suntan underneath that headscarf?

Last week we learned that in Iran, women who wore revealing clothing disturbed young men and subsequently caused earthquakes.

Now we hear that women are to be arrested women are to be arrested if they have suntans. Especially ones that look like "walking mannequins." [FlipFob states: While we're guilty of having an affection for women of darker shades, we've never looked at a mannequin and thought "oh if you were real you'd be smokin." Leave that stuff at the movies.]

Along with all this it looks like another preacher also warned people to leave Tehran before punishment for their behavior came to the city.

Lesson: If you're in Iran, dark and they can see it you're gonna get arrested. This is unlike Arizona where you will only be arrested if you're dark, they can see it, and you don't have your documentation.

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