17 May 2010

Because nothing says 'romantic' like a robot?

(Everyone) (Lots of folks) Those interested in things robotic know that Japan is probably the only place on the planet that tries to bring robots into (every) most parts of life. We're not talking vacuum cleaners or underwater oil rig repairs either.

Still, I would think that having a robot conduct your wedding is something that would take some getting used to, and there probably isn't a booth for it at the local bridal expo yet.

A couple of thoughts on this. First, the robot wasn't exactly 'intelligent'. It was actually controlled "a few feet away, where a man crouched and clicked commands into a computer." So, although the robot itself had loads of technology used to build it, it's more "remote control" rather than "find yourself a new gig, minister."

Secondly, (and I should have thought about this when I saw the robot's pig tails in the video) the thing is built by a subsidiary of Sanrio.

Don't sleep on this. Hello Kitty is yet one more step closer to world domination.

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