05 May 2010

Brazilian Archbishop Spontaneously Becomes a Nutbag

Brazilian Archbishop Dadeus Grings, apparently no stranger to nutty theories, stated the following to a newspaper during a recent Brazilian bishops conference:

- Adolescents are "spontaneously homosexual" and need to be educated to "use a sexuality that is human and suitable"

- Acceptance of homosexuality would lead to acceptance of pedophilia

- The Catholic Church can handle its abuse cases on its own, and police don't need to be involved

Isolated incident perhaps? Grings is not only the Archbishop of the Porto Alegre diocese but also the chancellor of the Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul. So, you would guess that some of these goof ball theories are being taught (and presumably accepted) as fact to a large number of Brazilian Catholics.

The Roman Catholic Church is facing scandals worldwide due to abuse cases by its clergy. Sure, any group of people is going to have a few folks with some crazy ideas that don't necessarily match the overall group-think, but having a person with thoughts like these in their leadership is a scary thought, and won't help their case any trying to bring people back into their church.

Maybe that's a good thing.

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