12 May 2010

Happy Asian-Something-Or-Other-Month!

Happy Asian Pacific American Heritage Month! Or as we at FlipFob call it, May. Please don't confuse it with South Asian Heritage Month which coincidentally, also happens during the month of May but in Canada.

What? I must have missed the memo on that one. How can Asians have two separate Heritage Months, and yet both be in the same calendar month? We're all 'Asian' right? Why the separation? Is there animosity between the ones who are stereotyped with Jackie Chan or Bruce Lee and the ones stereotyped with Hadji from Jonny Quest or Kal Penn? Does Canada have to purposely fail to recognize anyone outside of South Asia?

Whatever. I was never much for the whole "Yay we're Asian and it's MAY" thing anyway. Not that there's anything wrong with being proud of where you came from, or learning about your heritage. These are both good and noble things. I just know that the majority of people I know that trace back to any Asian country don't really give two hoots about the month of May being any more special than April or September.

Growing up the only inkling that we had a month was some crappy PSA that the TV stations would air with some generic statement like "We at WXYZ would like to share our support for [Enter name of ethnic group here] Month and hope that you take some time out of your day to support it too" garbage.

Please, find out about where you came from. Interview your parents, your grandparents, your friends' grandparents. Find out how they got here, and the struggles they had, and how they got past them. Look at their old pictures and listen to their stories. Find out about your history and how it is a part of your identity. Learn about the not so pretty parts along with all the good stuff.

Just don't wait for May to come around to do it.

BTW, May also happens to be Mental Health Month. Which probably explains more about me than this post just did.

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