24 May 2010

Reasons to consider passing on that next drink

My newsreader seems to go on these 'theme' kicks every so often with the types of articles it gives me.

I don't know if it's the drinkin' that gets your mind flaky, or if those with flaky minds just tend to drink. In either case it looks like if you've graduated to the DUI level of drunkenness, you may want to seriously consider getting straight, or at least getting a better designated driver, because clearly some folks don't understand the need to take it down a notch after the fuzz nails them over the legal limit.

Cops: Drunken drivers show up drunk to meet with victims [nwi.com]
Most disturbing part: the mention that this happens "every four or five sessions".

After serving 20 years for fatal DUI, man gets DUI [azcentral.com]
Two decades of jail time is certainly one way of going cold turkey, but 20 years of reflection apparently didn't teach this guy much because he was tagged with a DUI less than a month after getting released for another one.

Montana man arrested for 2 DUIs 5 hours apart [AP via Yahoo!]
Must be a conspiracy - he pleaded not guilty to both charges.

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