06 May 2010

What would Jesus pack?

Church can be a dangerous place. So dangerous that if you need to pack some heat when you meet with God you should be able to. At least that's what they think in Louisiana, where they are debating a law that would "authorize certain religious organizations to allow concealed handguns to be carried in places of worship".

Violence is everywhere yes, and there are definitely places of worship that are in some messed up places. Does that violence end up coming into the church sometimes? Yes, but does a bunch of (permit carrying) folks armed with guns scattered throughout the building really make for a safer service? I don't remember the last time the old lady in the first pew got mugged on the way to communion. I also don't remember the last time I went to Bingo Night or a Friday fish fry, but I'm positive it didn't end up with a squad car hauling people away.

And how exactly does any Joe with a concealed weapon make a packed church safer? Having a permit doesn't make you a good shot, nor does it make you a good decision maker. Armed officers or otherwise trained security individuals are one thing, but that Sunday sermon might just turn into a wild west shootout with some horrific consequences if the requirements to join the security detail are only "have weapon and permit."

The text of the Louisiana bill is here.

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