28 June 2010

[discuss] Top 10 Asian Comedians?

Sounds like my next bar room argument may be a good one the next time we crack open some San Miguels or Sapporos. David Fung over at Make It In The Motherland put up a pretty detailed listing of his ten best Asian comedians.

No right or wrong answers, but I couldn't help but wince at a couple of them. Not that I want to bring anyone down who's following their passion and 'making it' in their industry, but I have a hard time when folks turn themselves into caricatures for a laugh, regardless of what their background is. (Ok, yeah some folks whose native language isn't English sound funny, I get it. You can only ride that horse for so long.)

Regardless of my opinion though, the fact that we're even having the discussion must speak about the increasing recognition of Asians in the entertainment industry beyond martial arts masters, Chinese food delivery folks, and hypersexual women.

So think of who makes it to the top of your list, then peep his.

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