02 June 2010

insult to injury...

Lots of weird 911 calls in the newsreader today:

Man Punched While Reporting Assault To Iowa City Police [KCRG]

Man called police to report that he was following a person who just punched him. While doing so, he gets punched again by a buddy of the first guy. No statement on what caused the first punch to begin with, but the call came in around 2AM, which only supports my long time theory that not much good happens between 2 and 6 in the morning.

Pasco man calls 911 to report his mother took his beer [St. Petersburg Times]

Calling the cops a bunch of times asking them to charge your mom with taking your beer is bad enough, but when you're 32 years old?

Man accidentally shoots himself in testicles [The Seattle Times]

Yeah this one pretty much speaks for itself. Any discussion regarding male genitalia containing the words "accidental discharge" will never be a positive one.

Gang member made fake 911 call for faster response [Chicago Tribune]

Not pleased with the police response when you called about your car being stolen? Call them back and tell them you got shot. Cops love that.

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