16 July 2010

In praise of a single mom

To J.R.

The cynical and skeptical side of me isn't easily impressed, especially by anyone I've just met. Years of getting burned or watching folks serve their own self interests makes me wary of pretty much everyone at first.

You however struck me as one of the most honest and genuine people I've had the honor of meeting in a long time, so please take this with all sincerity: Don't sell yourself short. Your story (while you may not believe it yourself) is impressive and inspiring. You're an Air Force stud(ette?), hard worker and a single mom. (And yes you are much more than that, but dang you should be able to admit that that's still pretty good, ya?)

I kept getting the feeling that you felt you were either not skilled or not prepared enough to handle the challenges in front of you. I really hope I'm wrong on that. Maybe you're just tired, it's completely understandable. But don't compare yourself to the folks next to you. I guarantee they'd fall on their face if they had the load and responsibility you carry.

We didn't know each other long enough for me to know how you got to where you are. I'm not sure you'd even offer that up to a stranger. It probably doesn't matter at this point, as it's where you go from here that really counts.

If our paths ever cross again, I hope to catch you smiling, knowing that you're a survivor and a success. I'd love to break bread with you again and talk more. You are the best thing in your daughter's life and as she gets older you should be proud enough to make her proud of that too.

Good luck to ya, J.

From the guy on your right with the sandwich.

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