30 August 2010

[chicago] Now (re)Opened: Chinese-American Museum of Chicago

I saw this pass through my news feed from the Chicago Tribune and thought it would be of interest not only to the Asian folks here in Chicago, but also anyone interested worldwide.

Located in Chicago’s Chinatown (The south side one for those keeping track), and first opened in 2005, the Chinese-American Museum of Chicago suffered a fire on Sept. 19, 2008 that kept it closed for the next two years. 

According to the Tribune article, after $1.6 million in renovations the museum needs $200,000 more to keep its doors open.  They have setup a page on their website for donations, and they are having a fundraising dinner on November 6. 

Ground floor gallery (www.ccamuseum.org)

If you’re Asian and in Chicago you know you’ll be passing through Chinatown right?  Check out their list of exhibitions and stop through if you’re in the area.  In their own words,

The mission of the CMF is to maintain a museum in Chicago for the purpose of promoting exhibitions, education, and research relating to Chinese-American culture and history in the midwestern United States.

Sounds like something definitely worthy of support.

[Chicago Tribune: Chinese-American Museum reborn after fire]
[Photo:  Chinese-American Museum of Chicago website]

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