10 August 2010

The Epic Quit – Flying the friendly skies?

First things first. Anyone who's ever hated their job (corporate folks - that would be a lot of you) has thought of the most creative ways to get out. (“Two week notice? How about two seconds!”) You've probably had contests with your equally disgruntled coworkers on who would dare have the most legendary exit. (You will recognize this because most of the sentences start with “If I ever win the lottery…”) Well, not much could top what your man Steven Slater pulled off this week.

In what I would guess was just a matter of minutes, Slater (a flight attendant if you hadn't already heard) had had enough of his job, cursed out the person pissing him off the most, grabbed a couple of brewskies and slid down the now deployed escape slide, in front of a plane full of passengers.

That's a legendary exit.

Years from now people will still be talking about this one. Shoot, as a passenger on some flights I wished I could have done that. So for a second let’s ignore that he got bonked in the head by someone taking their luggage out of the overhead bin early, and that he’d been dealing with some major stress outside of the job (and also that now he’s got to find another source for that paycheck). Let’s all sit back and think about how good it would feel to do what he did, give your job the big F.U., and take off with a couple of beers in hand, falling down an inflatable slide.

You got that? Ok.

Remember back when folks thought that being a flight attendant (‘stewardess’ for those having weird fantasies right now or who think they’re in a different decade ) was a glamorous thing? Flying to cities near and far on a moment’s notice?

Ever notice how rude some folks are these days? I can’t imagine dealing with some of the crap that these folks deal with day in and day out. A-hole passengers that think they’re in a five star hotel, they guy with the XXXXXL ‘carry on’, the teenagers that won’t shut up or turn off that G** D*** cell phone,that baby that won’t stop crying and that real ugly couple trying to get it on in the airplane bathroom.

All stuck in a flying tin can for hours. As a passenger you pray for those quiet flights where everyone minds their own business or at least act like civilized people. I have no idea what flight attendants are thinking four hours into an eight hour flight when that dang ‘ding’ goes off and the button lights up for what probably feels like the thousandth time.

I know I don’t think I could do it. Apparently Steven Slater has, for about 20 years. And so long as no one got hurt I don’t blame him for losing it on that last straw.

[* Extra points to the NY Daily News for getting “was in bed with boyfriend when found by cops” into the headline. Totally irrelevant to the actual article but I bet it caught more people’s attention.]

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