22 August 2010

[house][music] 5Magazine’s “The Project”

Anyone who’s followed me on the net for any amount of time knows that there are multiple sides of me.  At the most general level you’ve got the ‘day job’ me, the ‘FlipFob’ me, and the ‘DJ’ me.

The ‘DJ’ me wants you to listen up.  If you grew up in Chicago you need to read this.   If you spent any long amount of time in Chicago growing up you need to read this. If you’ve ever gone clubbin’ more for the music than the liquor, if you’re a DJ or follow the DJ culture, you need to read this.  If you’re a turntablist you … well … you should still read this just to see what the other side geeks out about.

Because we’re geeking out to this.

5 Years of 5 Magazine from Czarina Mirani on Vimeo.

What this is, is 5Magazine’s “The Project”.  For reference, 5Magazine is pretty much the de facto resource for the latest news regarding Chicago House music, it’s DJs, producers, parties, etc.  If you’re looking for who’s got their finger on the pulse, it’s them.  You can get them in print, online, podcasted, and streamed. Understand?  Good.

What "The Project" is, is a healthy helping of 40 profiles of producers who keep Chicago House Music alive and jackin'.  If anyone’s ever wanted one, this could very well be the crash course in Chicago House today.  40 Profiles.  40 Videos.  You want some names? Try Frankie Knuckles, Cajmere, Colette, and Lil Louis for starters. What more could you want?

Oh wait, I forgot to mention the 40 FREE TRACKS from the producers themselves.

So go.  Go now.  Go here, and take it all in.  Then go to their main site for even more.

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