04 September 2010

About that US Open shoving match...

Ok I know I’m coming in a little late on this US Open Tennis Brawl, especially since this happened Wednesday night.  But better late than never, right?

Most folks seem to be debating which of the three were in the wrong on this.  And if you are, you’re missing the real issue.  The real D-bag here is not the loud mouthed freak picking on people older and …err.. less fit.. then he.  And it’s not the lady who slapped said loud mouthed freak first, or her elderly father who went after someone who could clearly drop him in a heartbeat.

Nor is it the stadium security folks who were embarrassingly late getting to the scene.  (With the amount of time this thing took, and considering this is at a tennis match, security should have had this thing squashed after the lady got her slap in at the latest.)

The real D-bag here is loud mouthed freak’s wingman who sits on his duff the whole time, and his token attempt to calm the situation when he should have known shiz was about to hit the proverbial fan.  Of course that only makes him a contender for the D-bag title.  The act that gets him the prize is the amazing vanishing act he pulls off once his boy shoves the elderly guy down to the row below them.

In the three or so seconds it takes for the camera to follow the tumbling elderly guy and come back up (just shortly after the 3:00 mark in the video above), Johnny on the spot evacuates two rows above and does his best “I’m just trying to watch the match” impression as his friend gets the treatment from the NY crowd.

If anyone should be called out on this, it’s him. 

A non D-bag mention goes to our Asian homies in the next row up.  Throughout the whole incident, they’re acting like nothing’s going on at all.  Sippin’ their drinks and trying to look around the non-event directly in front of them, only briefly acknowledging what happened before returning back to match watching mode, and then sliding over because dang there’s a crap load of commotion over there – who’s serve is it?

A row below, a couple which look to me like South Asians maintain their “nothing’s happening around us” state for a while, but even I don’t know how you could keep that up when someone gets shoved backwards down into the seat right next to you.

Well played.

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