14 September 2010

be careful, he'll tag your girl's uterus if you're not paying attention..

I'm no medical or legal professional so I have no idea if the accusations here are legitimate, but it's not every day that you hear about a doctor branding a woman's uterus after surgery.

The lawsuit claims that Dr. Alinsod performed a hysterectomy on a patient, continued to burn her name into her uterus "and in the process, injured and burned other portions of her body."  I will assume this means that after he removed it he didn't have a bag, sticker, Sharpie or anything else to label it and that's why he had to burn it in.  Likewise he must not have had any other tables within reach because he did it so close to her body that a combination of bad penmanship and an 'electrocautery device' led to him burning other parts of her body as well.

Alinsod claims that he branded her name on the removed uterus because he "did not want to get it confused with others" and that the patient was "a good friend."  A good friend must be a very vague term for the good Doctor, because according to The Smoking Gun article, the patient did not know Alinsod prior to consulting with him and is actually a friend of Alinsod's receptionist.

Within the lawsuit it states that the patient's husband has also "been permanently injured and damaged, and their marital harmony has been severely disrupted."  Additionally, proving that we've advanced to just slightly past the caveman era, the lawsuit also states that prior to getting burned the patient "was able to and did perform her duties as a wife and spouse."  Afterwards, "she has been unable to perform such work and services."  

Sounds fishy on both sides if you ask me.

[The Smoking Gun: Doctor Branded Woman's Uterus After Surgery]

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