01 September 2010

Idaho man shoots estranged Filipina wife. Twice. In the back. In self defense?

Florence Madrinan Stone and Chris Allen Stone had divorced once before, in August of 2005, but by that November were remarried. The second run at a divorce that started this past May wouldn't end the same way.

Sunday night, after Stone (who’s had a concealed weapons permit since 2005) called 911 on himself, the police arrived to find Florence Stone dead in the driveway, a result of an argument that started when she came to gather some of her things.  In Stone’s original account he told police that his estranged wife

“grabbed a knife from the van and "thrust it backwards into his abdomen" - at which point he grabbed a .38 caliber pistol from his front pocket and fired two rounds into the back of her neck in self-defense”

I assume that at some point someone must have asked how shooting someone twice in the back was self defense, because according to the reports he later changed his story. 

While arguing, Florence allegedly said that she had only married him for the green card. 

“Stone told detectives that "really set him off" so he pulled out a gun and threatened her, at which point she grabbed a knife from the floorboard and stuck it in his abdomen - and then he fired the shots.”

If that’s really how things went down, I’m not sure how that qualifies as self defense. 

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