11 September 2010

so a bunch of nutbags want to boycott Great America because of Muslim Family day

I haven’t heard too much about this, but it looks like a few Great America parks are holding Muslim Family Days on September 12.  Now, this weekend happens to mark the end of Ramadan but as it also happens to fall on the same weekend as the ninth anniversary of the September 11 attacks in New York, a bunch of nutbags have taken to calling this a “slap in the face” and are trying to boycott Great America on that day.

Never mind that the ending of Ramadan and the Sept 11 anniversary coincidentally fall on the same weekend, and that these events are happening all over the September calendar in various parts of the country.  Also ignore that these have been planned and scheduled since 2000.  The event’s website also specifically mentions that one of the organizers had died in 2 WTC.

Actually, you know what?  Please do boycott if you really think that a bunch of terrorists are spending the day at Great America.  Stay as far away from the insides of those parks as possible.  It should cut down on the lines to all of the rides.

Most offensive?  I didn’t hear these same goofballs complain about Six Flags holding Catholic Family day on August 28 or even Festival Latino on August 15. 

Because if Muslim Family day is being used to promote the stereotype that all Muslims are terrorists, then the same thing should have happened in August since all Catholics must be child molesters, and all Latinos are illegal, right? 

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