29 November 2010

crazy newsreader ish (29 November 2010)

Unlike most of America, the news doesn’t take time off during Thanksgiving… here’s a bit of the silliness that was waiting for me after my self imposed interwebs hiatus:

I’m not a big fan of watching parades on TV, but I would’ve loved to see how it all went down when Miss New York crashed Miss USA’s float on Thanksgiving. 

For those keeping score, that would be Miss USA, Rima Fakih, as in ‘first-arab-Miss-USA-beauty-queen-and-pole-dancer-type-hotness’ vs Miss New York, Davina Reeves, as in ‘not-notable-enough-to-have-her-own-Wikipedia-article-for-me-to-look-stuff-up-because-I-don’t-give-two-craps-about-beauty-contest-winners-except-when-they-bumrush-someone-else’s-float’.  Crazy?  Or crazy hot?  That’s the type of potential one on one action that teenage dreams are made of.

If anyone’s having Manny withdrawal, let it be known that there’s a special kind of one on one matchup that Pacman doesn’t use a glove for.  And he doesn’t want you to either.

Speaking of, the Pope wrote in his book that the Catholic Church may want to ‘permit’ condom use say, to prevent the further spread of AIDS.  The Vatican quickly released a statement stating “whoa, slow your roll, partner.”

Latino politicians are debating whether or not to form their own grassroots political group, currently being labeled as the ‘Tequila Party’.  A self titled Tequila Party with Spanish women?  Dude, anyone need a DJ?  I’m Filipino, so you know I’ve got some Spanish blood in me somewhere.

Lastly, can we please stop busting Willie Nelson for pot?  I mean, c’mon…

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