22 November 2010

Crossing over

I’m not much of a television watcher.  Not by choice really, it’s just that when you have 8 zillion things fighting for your time and you’re light on sleep as it is, something’s got to give. 

In the rare times that I’m able to ride the remote, one of the things that’ll make me pause is Vanguard on Current.  (I also put the remote down if I fall upon the last fifteen minutes of any Rocky flick, but that’s for another day.)

One of the recent episodes was about riding shotgun on an illegal run to the border.  One of the things that gets lost in the discussion is how hard it is for some folks to get to the US.  As I was growing up in Uptown Chicago, I met people who got here in ways relatively easy as a plane ticket, and others in ways that would test anyone’s resolve over years and across continents.

How we get here usually isn’t part of the debate, except when it’s about our neighbors to the south.    Whatever your take is on immigration, I would hope that you would be able to gain some perspective after watching shows like this.

Personally I’m not a fan of completely open or closed borders.  I would just hope that people understand that for some it’s hard as hell to get here, legal or not.   It’s not like it’s an impulse decision.

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