04 November 2010

ghetto fob: exploiting our own [caregiving]

We’ve seen this one before, right?  Filipino owned home or service that either gets or brings folks from the islands over to work as caregivers here.  Could get them here totally legally, questionably legally, or completely illegally. 

Then work them to the bone when they’re here, working extended hours for minimum wage, and then stiff them for part of their pay.

I’ll assume our man Noel Celis is here legally, as I don’t see how he would look for legal assistance to fight back against his employer.

Consider this a happy ending.  We’ve all heard stories, sometimes whispers behind others’ backs about the TNT nanny for their kids or caregiver for their elderly.  And this doesn’t even come close to the ones who get someone here just to hold their passport hostage (if they had one), treat them like slaves and threaten them with deportation if they acted up..

And no, this doesn’t describe the story of every Filipino caregiver out there, but of all the OFWs I’d guess that a significant number of them are caregivers or domestic workers, and we hear enough stories like this to know that this isn’t an isolated incident.

[Via ABS-CBN: Filipino caregiver fights back, wins lawsuit]

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