25 November 2010

giving thanks

my wife.  and kids.  my oldest friends.  dunkin donuts coffee.  the roof over my head. fish. old relationships made new again. technics 1200MKII. stuffed pizza. house music.  central air and heating. hopia mongo. family that isn’t crazy. the dog. birds chirping.  picnics.   morning coffee. outside. on a spring day. carrots. HD.  chicago.  smartphones.  the ability to turn them off. and the willingness to do so.  lumpia.  rss.  laptops  that  are  not  boat anchors. home cooking. long, empty roads. clear skies. cheese sticks. history.  books. hot sauce. wi-fi. rum. and coke. public transportation.  potato chips and chocolate. sidewalks. public libraries.    double paned glass.   colombian empanadas.   interstate highways. emergency responders. quiet. used record stores. health. forest preserves. ‘off’ buttons. bicycles.  cruise control. mom’s spaghetti.  anonymity.  washers. and dryers.   pillow top mattresses.   oreo mint blizzards.  the future.  clouds. video chat.  yfoil.   snow blowers.   mechanical pencils.   replaceable  faders.   trees. spanish rice.   express lanes.  crayons.  guiness pints.  bicycle lanes. fold out maps. beaches. internet radio. you.  construction paper.  safety scissors.  real sugar.   self tapping screws.  hip hop.  light bulbs.  cheese.   crickets chirping.  when the one you love is the one you’re with.     bananas.    backyard sprinkler action on a hot summer day.  comfortable silence.   arroz con pollo.  album art. mechanical engineers.   people that say ‘please’.  and ‘thank you’.  spare tires. vacuum cleaners. spam.  folks that don’t judge. wd 40.  24 hour drive throughs.  fixed gears. San Diego. Budacki’s on Damen. ORD. ice makers.  hot backups. life changing experiences. remembering old times. auto focus. extra credit. hot tubs. full of water.  second chances.  and sometimes third ones too.  teachers. everyone I’ve met. remembered. or forgotten.  for reasons I could never explain. 

Thank you.


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