15 November 2010

My latest newsreader WTFs (15 nov 2010)

Weird ish I came across in my newsreader over the weekend:

Nurse robot gives human a sponge bath – Simultaneously destroying a default male fantasy and creating a new, really weird one at the same time.  This story didn’t even come out of Japan, although they will not be outdone when it comes to nurse robots, which in all honesty is probably necessary incase some holographic pop star suffers exhaustion of some kind.

A clown is elected to Congress in Brazil, then has to prove he can read and write.  Could this explain why Brazil is now auctioning the Amazon for logging?

Hot on the heels of the recent Happy Meal ban, folks in San Francisco want to ban circumcisions.  I personally don’t have an opinion either way on the procedure itself, but a ban?  Perhaps your fellow Californians should rethink that Prop 19 thing.

Have a good week, friends..

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