05 November 2010

stuck in the middle: outsourced

It’s post-election quiet here in Chicago.  A relief to the constant “you suck” / “no you suck more” attack barrages that have come to define politics here.

That’s a separate topic for now, though.  There’s a quote I stumbled on that stuck out to me while working my newsfeed:

Eastern Samar Representative Ben Evardone said the domination of the US Republican Party could be good news to the Philippine workers since this could mean that US efforts to rein in job outsourcing, especially in the business process outsourcing, is likely to be thwarted by the Republicans.

“The Republican gains would put brakes to the growing calls within the US to limit the outsourcing of jobs. The Republicans do not normally step into the business of private business and this is the upside of their electoral gains,” Evardone said.

Full disclosure:  The company I work for, along with many corporations has decided to outsource a substantial amount of work to outside companies.  Companies that are not US based.  I’m one of the few that have remained.  As a company that’s their right and while I have my opinions regarding the decision and execution of shipping these jobs elsewhere, the reality is that over the past three years I’ve had to watch over 90% of the people I’ve worked with walk out the door. 

And yeah I get it, global economy, the game’s changing, blah, blah, blah.  My personal feelings about how this contributes to our economic death spiral aside, I am increasingly conflicted every day about how I should feel about this.

You see, some of the work has gone over to the Philippines.  So while part of me likes the fact that there’s more work to be had over there, another part of me is increasingly bitter that these jobs are going anywhere.  Luckily some of the people I know that were ‘affected’ here (gotta love corporate language) were able to find new gigs eventually, but many more are still out there looking, along with the other 9% out there.

As a member of the community here in the US, and having ties to the community in the Philippines, I want both to be successful.  But seeing what I’ve seen over the last few years, forgive me for wanting to close ranks on this end.  I’ve got a family that’s counting on me. 

[inquirer.net: Aquino gov’t can learn from US congressional polls—solons]
[via AntiPinoy: Pinoys can learn from recent US elections, really?]

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