02 December 2010

Comcast rocks Cinema Asian America


Shouts to Channel APA and Angry Asian Man for tipping us off to Cinema Asian America, now on Comcast On Demand.  Now, don’t get goofy with all this, ok?  I wouldn’t be passing this along if we were talking about Jackie Chan fests or Robotech reruns.  (Well, ok if I saw Macross stuff on On Demand I definitely would pass that along) 

Comcast VP Diana Kerekes states it best in their press release:

“Cinema Asian America will also have a special focus on independent films, both documentary and fiction, as part of our commitment to broaden the reach of independent films.”  

Films will change monthly, and this first run that will last until January 3rd is broken up into two themes:

The first is titled, “The Life Quixotic,” which presents several films that feature characters who are taking romantic, impulsive and idealistic approaches to life’s challenges.  Films in this section include:
• Fruit Fly—Filipino American musical directed by H.P Mendoza*
• White on Rice—David Boyle’s hilarious Japanese American family comedy
• The Rebel—Blockbuster Vietnamese action film directed by Charlie Nguyen
• Treeless Mountain—Moving Korean American coming-of-age tale directed by So Yong Kim

The second thematic section is “Must-See Docs,” a grouping of incredible documentaries that have won awards worldwide.  Films include:
• Planet B-Boy—Breakdancing documentary directed by Benson Lee
• A Song for Ourselves—Tadashi Nakamura’s short film which looks at the life of Japanese American activist and musician Chris Iijima
• The Killing of a Chinese Cookie—Derek Shimoda’s oddball history of the fortune cookie


*For some reason this one wasn’t listed for me when I went to check it out.  Ironic, huh?

So if you’ve got Comcast / Xfinity On Demand and want to check it out, go for it.  If you need some help on the navigation to find it (like yours truly) It’s On Demand – Movies – Movie Collections – Cinema Asian America.  I suppose there are other ways to navigate to it, but that’s where I found it.

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