12 December 2010

Field notes – 12 Dec 2010

Update:  Previously reported ghetto fobbers Sophia Manuel and Alfonso Baldonado pleaded guilty last week to taking advantage of 39 Filipinos brought to the states for cheap labor.  Baldonado was rewarded with a 51 month prison sentence while Manuel, who was also found guilty of making false statements to obtain visas, was rewarded with 78 months of prison time for herself.

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Big print: Philippines Overtakes India as Call Center Capital
Fine print: Call Center Employees in the Philippines Receive Low-End Jobs, Low Salaries

Sure, the higher up you are on the food chain you may be making the decent benefits, but for the majority of the workers it’ll be low pay, high stress, and worse hours. 

Also understand that while the Philippines may be the preferred choice to resource these outsourced positions, some of these companies are actually Indian companies who figured out that it’s easier to just find a different pool of English speaking people instead of training their own folks.  So how much of that cash is going to stay in the Philippines when all is said and done?

Call me biased if you want, I’ve seen how some of these firms operate.  Work these folks like crazy in the middle of their nights so they can answer our calls halfway around the world.  Force them to keep working because they may be the only real industry for jobs.  Leave for another form doing the same work?  Expect more of the same.

Are they all like that? I suppose not.  But understand that what passes for a ‘decent working environment’ isn’t the same all over the world.

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