01 December 2010

Miami vs. Cleveland blah blah blah


Saw this vid floating around in different places, and thought it was a pretty good mash up, considering ‘Bron thinks he’s the king and all.  Not that I consider myself a LeBron hater (although I am in the camp that thinks his move to Miami was a bit classless), he’s obviously a tremendous talent - I just get tired with all the comparisons to MJ. 

Yes I’m biased on that one.  I watched Jordan growing up and remember fighting my way up the old Chicago Stadium stairs for the best standing room only spots.

At least Kobe has his rings.  If he matches Jordan’s ring count, he forces himself legitimately into the comparison conversation.  I don’t think LBJ is anywhere close to being mentioned in that discussion until he gets some hardware for himself.

So, with James and friends heading back to Cleveland to play his old team, and with the speculation that he’s pissed off about Erik Spoelstra (Filipino and born in Illinois – Can I call you ‘Spo?  No?  Oh, ok) not pandering to him, it seems like a fine time to pass this one along myself.

Here’s hoping Pat Riley doesn’t Van Gundy you, homie..

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