20 December 2010

shameless (plug)

I usually try to keep my extracurriculars separate and the cross chatter at a minimum, but make exceptions once in a while.

When I grew up, all-Christmas-music-all-the-time was something left for the actual holiday when the radio stations shut down and I assume had some intern or something manning the controls. Despite all the hard times around the holidays there really were some nice memories of us driving through the snow making our way back home after a late night out visiting family that was around.

Now that stuff is starting up around Thanksgiving, and even with all the media we're able to carry around so that we don't need to listen to terrestrial radio, I know some (a bunch? a lot?) of us have had our fill.

So, if you're looking for some non-traditional background music while watching the kiddies tear it up on Christmas morning, if you always thought midnight mass needed a little after-party, or possibly just because, spend part of your Christmas with me. (In that non threatening, far away, through the interwebs kinda way.)

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