16 January 2011

Chicago local: Coming together in Skokie

Some local action here coming out of Skokie, IL.  I think that if you grew up in Chicago (on the north side at least), and happened to be Filipino, you knew someone from Skokie.  You either had family, friends, or dated someone from the ‘burb at some time in your life.  Sorta like the Labagh Woods or the Rizal Center.  If you’re Filipino you’re gonna roll through there at some point, whether you like it or not.

So, it’s kinda fitting to me that one of Chicago’s neighbors to the north is dedicating almost two months to explore the Filipino culture.

Coming Together in Skokie is in it’s second year and is dedicating this run to the Philippines.  In their own words:

Each year, Coming Together in Skokie will highlight a different culture in our richly diverse community to build knowledge, awareness, and appreciation of our different backgrounds and to weave us all more closely into the vibrant tapestry that is Skokie.

Tucked away amongst the usual (kid and adult friendly) activities and discussions around food, music, dance, and art (plus a “Filipino-style Karaoke” session which I’m seriously gonna have to pass on..) are is one session which I’m gonna have to pencil in and try to carve out some time for.  Dr. Anna Guevarra, assistant professor of sociology and Asian-American Studies at the University of Illinois-Chicago will discuss her book "Marketing Dreams, Manufacturing Heroes: The Transnational Labor Brokering of Filipino Workers" March 7, 8, and 12.

So, for all you family types with kids or teenagers who haven’t hit that anything-Filipino-that-isn’t-PacMan-is-straight-up-fobby phase check out the schedule and see if you may want to get on some of this on your way to Lola’s or UniMart or wherever.

[Skokie Public Library: Coming Together in Skokie][image: skokie.patch.com]

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