25 January 2011

Everyone Has a Story: Every Day Is a Holiday

“Everyone has a story,” I usually tell my younger cousins or whomever that give me the privilege of asking me for advice.  For those of us who were born here in the states from immigrant parents, or came over while very young, the stories of how we got here, what happened prior, and the various influences around them are many.  As Asians those stories can be as diverse as we are a people, and if we never explore those stories, they’ll be lost for our children.

So I get excited when I hear about documentaries like this one.  In their own words:

Heartbreaking wartime memories, family secrets, and the legacy of America’s harsh anti-Asian immigration policies collide in EVERY DAY IS A HOLIDAY, Theresa Loong’s spellbinding account about her father and his emotional return to the land of his imprisonment.

There’s a Kickstarter campaign to help raise funds for the film, and more info can be found on the main website at www.everydayisaholiday.org.

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