29 January 2011

Everyone Has a Story: Mothers’ Way, Daughters’ Choice

There’s a lot happening here.  Pulled between individual desire and the expectation of family.  Living between two cultures and not feeling at home in either.  The stories are unique but the emotions are not, and I think in a lot of ways 1st and 2nd generation immigrants (and especially Asian) can relate.

In their own words:

Why would successful women from the world’s second largest economic power choose to start their lives over in New York City? The documentary “Mothers’ Way, Daughters’ Choice” explores how several Japanese women struggle to reconcile their traditional upbringing and their desire to create unique lives. To understand these struggles, the director, Kyoko Gasha, shows the deep, powerful influences of Japanese culture on her own life. Kyoko also uncovers stories of other Japanese women in New York City, weaving parallel tales of guilt, denial, sacrifice and joy. This is a story of cultures clashing on a personal level.

The film’s web home is at http://mwdc.net/, and for anyone reading from Miami, there will be a screening at The Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens on February 3, 2011.

[Japan Probe: Mothers’ Way, Daughters’ Choice]

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