12 January 2011

Ghetto Fob: That whole ‘Chinese mom’ thing

Hooooly crap, what a whirlwind this week has been.  For what it’s worth, I’m going to try to keep most of my .02 about the article to myself.  It’s not that I don’t have an opinion about it, it’s just that – really – what more can be said at this point.  Safe to say I pretty much agree with what most cats out there are feeling, and they’ve said it more real and more elegantly than I probably could.

What I loved about this whole thing, is that when I got wind of the article I thought to myself “Holy crap folks are gonna be heard on this one.”  Throughout the week, damn near everyone jumped in on this.  The popular kids, the black sheep, the militants – fux it’s almost like the AA blogosphere were all playing out the last scene of The Breakfast Club or something.  (ok, not really) Even the animators got in on it.

And the volume definitely had to be raised on this one.  As much as many of us take our hard-ass upbringings as a badge of courage, just as many of us realize that it sucked.  I for one am still dealing with the aftermath of all that. 

That’s a lot of baggage to carry, and I don’t think I ever really realized it until I had kids of my own.  My perspective on a bunch of things is changing as they get older, and in a lot of ways it’s because all that crap pre-programmed me.  There isn’t a day that goes by that I’m not a little paranoid that I will fall into that same mentality. 

Congratulations on your book, lady.  I personally won’t be buying it, but I’ll probably take a peek when I see it at the library.  More importantly thanks for getting everyone to talk about this, hopefully some good will come out of it.

As for me, it’s one thing to drive, but another thing to overbear.  Right or wrong, that’s not something I want to pass along to another generation.

Thanks for reading.


Here’s a list starting with the original article, and the numerous voices that followed (roughly in the order that I think they came out).  There are plenty more out there I’m sure...

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