22 February 2011

must be asian, right?

Here’s the story – mom is pissed that her 15 year old son isn’t pulling his grades.  ‘Conventional’ punishment like stopping phone privileges don’t work, so she forces him to stand on a street corner with a sign telling the world what his GPA is, hoping that the embarrassment alone would push him to do better.  When mom is criticized she says, “In the long run he’ll thank me for it.”

Must be Asian, right?

When I first heard of this all I could think of was, “Dang it don’t be Asian. Don’t be Asian.  Seriously, don’t be Asian.  The last thing we need is to push this stereotype further.”

I feel bad for the kid (and yes I would still feel bad for him if he was Asian), and according to the story there may be potential for a happy ending here as he has now been setup with a mentoring program. 

At the same time I can’t help but think what the ending of this report may have been if this dude had been Asian.

[MyFoxTAMPABAY.com: Corner punishment is working, Mom says]
[via Chicago News Report]

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