04 February 2011

snow politics

Anyone who lives (or has lived) in Chicago long enough knows there are VIP lists for everything.  And snow is definitely no different.  Almost every neighborhood kid knew which homes had clout, and God help those who didn’t have anyone special living close enough to them.

A veteran employee at Chicago Streets and Sanitation says his department has a "priority list" of who gets plowed first. It is said to be unwritten but understood, and it features the names and home addresses of well-connected Chicago political figures and sometimes their families, including numerous current members of the City Council.

Funny to see on the original article how some of the Alderfolks are speaking up with the not me’s

The best part?  When the news crew gets to Alderman Sandi Jackson’s house, the plow comes by with her riding shotgun.  On her street.

We can’t make this stuff up, as all you folks in Chicago probably know all too well.

[Second City Cop: Nicely Played Aldercreature!]
[ABC 7: Intelligence Report: Not all side streets created equal]

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