03 March 2011

mind your accents..

Dude nails it. 

Growing up when you had a bunch of Filipino kids together at some point someone was gonna start poking fun of their parents’ accent.  I don’t know if this happens for other immigrant families, but I’d be pretty confident that it’s consistently done on the Filipino side.

Thankfully our parents always saw the humor in it.  Even today, when we get together for family gatherings we’ll tend to revert back for a bit.  Not too much taglish making an appearance here, but that doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with the accent I suppose.

Do you younger cats still do this?  I'm guessing so based on this vid. Makes me wonder if our kids at some point are going to mock our fake accent?  I’m sure I’ll be able to give them enough of my own material to poke fun at, though.   (“Yes, dangit people in Chicago add an unnecessary ‘s’ to stuff.  Are you gonna come with to the Jewel’s or not?!?”)

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