22 May 2011

Doctors orders: White people only

A mentally ill patient asks that they only get white caregivers.  Western State Hospital mangers were apparently fine with this, and when the workers complain hospital executives decline to investigate.  When a nurse complained about it, “an upset supervisor told her the policy was part of the patient's care plan, devised by the director of the Center for Forensic Studies, Dr. Mary Louise Jones.”

Now nine workers including two Filipinos are suing, stating that “the ongoing practice barred dark-skinned employees from work they would normally be assigned to do and forced white or light-skinned workers to spend extra time with a violent patient.”

I’m hoping that there’s more to this story than this.  Granted I'm no medical professional and patients (even ones suffering from some level of mental illness) have the right to request things, but for hospital management to even entertain the thought that having white only patient care was not only an ok request but one they would actually fulfill is beyond me.

[SeattlePI: Lawsuit: Only white workers at Wash. hospital ward]
[The News Tribune: Lawsuit: Western State patient's race-related request was granted]

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