14 July 2011

daddy issues - thank you anonymous passer by

Just one of those times in daily life when you're not expecting anyone to pay any attention to you.
Sitting at Portillo's playing with the kids over hot dogs and fries, we were taking turns picking something among all the restaurant's decorations while the others had to figure out what it was.  An improvised sit down version of the "hot / cold" game.  The sillier the object the better.
OK sure we might have been getting a little loud, but the place was mostly empty anyway and it's hard to stop the kids once they get locked into giggle mode.
Older lady walks up taps me on the shoulder, smiles and says "You're a good father." Mama Piranha gives me the "what the hell was that about" look as we exchange smiles on your way out.
You looked like you could have been a teacher or librarian or something.  In reality you cold have been some crazed psycho - I'll never know.  But I took what you said at face value and mouthed "thanks". 
I don't always think I am, but I'm trying - and every bit of positive reinforcement helps.

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