05 August 2011

Keep pushing.

[Chicago Tribune: 10 Illinois companies tell state they'll cut 1,100 jobs by year-end]
[Business Insider: "Sudden And Unexpected" Burst Of Downsizing Causes Layoffs To Explode Nearly 60% In July]

Despite the announcement that the unemployment rate dropped to 9.1 percent, I'm still scared out of my mind. 

If you're one of the folks looking for work, don't lose hope.  If you've got a job but are getting squeezed by an employer that knows it's hard out there, keep plugging away.  (Even if you have to shovel sh*t a paycheck's a paycheck.  I don't think there's any disrespect in that.)  If you've got a good job and your employer still treats you well, count your blessings.

Keep pushing.

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