20 September 2011

everyone be cool or no one gets laid

Proof that women ultimately rule us all - or at least they do in Dado where fighting had been breaking out between neighboring villages.  With the fighting preventing access to the one passable route to a regional market, preventing them from delivering and selling product, the women got together and gave the ultimatum: Knock it off or no play time at home:

They told them that if they kept fighting with men from surrounding villages, "they would not be accepted at home."

Dado resident Hasna Kandatu's husband Lengs Kupong, a village leader, implored the other men of the village to bring an end to the fighting.  Kupong said, "She says to me if you do bad things then we will be separated."
While some fights still flare up, it is sporadic and local.  The women of the villages are now able to travel to the market to deliver goods and help build the local economy.

Fighting or sex - yea easy choice if you ask me.  If anything, at least the men of these villages have some of their priorities in order. 

[Spot: Women's "sex strike" brings peace to warring Mindanao villages]
[CNN: Sex strike brings peace to Filipino village]

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