24 October 2011

Apparently October is 'Almost Everything' Month

Have you forgotten that October is Filipino American History Month?  Of course not, but since we share this month with other October observances, remember to knock out all your celebrations while you still have time!  Chances are that some woman in your life has battled breast cancer so wear pink and give her a hug because October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  You've got lechon for your parties, right?  That takes care of National Pork Month, which is also in October.  (Actually this one may be celebrated a bit too much - longanisa and rice with spam and eggs on the side for breakfast anyone?)

You know every family has some bakla representation so make sure you let them know it's ok for them to be open about it because October is LGBT History Month.  And hey, that priest that somehow always ends up at your parties because some Tita invited them?  You now have Clergy Appreciation Month covered.

That uncle everyone keeps quiet about who comes home drunk every so often and takes it out on his wife?  Take him out back and beat the sh!t out of him because October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month.  If you choose to visit him in the hospital, find some of the ultrasound techs (pinoy or not) and let them know they're appreciated for Medical Ultrasound Awareness Month.

When he eventually gets out of the hospital offer to drive him to one of his follow up visits for National Physical Therapy Month, then have him go to one of your family's Pharmacy school graduates when he needs that pain medicine prescription filled because October is also American Pharmacists Month.

Your other uncle is the one who can't quit the cancer sticks, so give him a little reminder when he's standing outside smoking that October is Healthy Lung Month.  You know his daughters - your cousins who only date white guys?  It could be they're just celebrating either Italian American Heritage Month, German American Heritage Month, or possibly Polish American Heritage Month.

And of course at the end of the day when your Lolo takes his dentures out at night, give him a pat on the back and grab some floss for yourself - after all, October is National Dental Hygiene Month.

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