29 May 2012

Well thanks for the thought, I guess

So, as I was browsing all my news feeds over some downtime this weekend I fell upon a new streaming app from my cable folks. Downloaded, installed, blahdeblah… I wasn’t expecting much but I’m always on the hunt for some distractions. Browsing through all the offerings I found a little something from ESPN for Asian Heritage Month (or Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month if you want to get all formal about it).

So of course I was interested in seeing what kinds of profiles the Worldwide Leader In Sports could come up with:


Not that I have anything against Tiger (well, other than perhaps his choice of hoes), Kobayashi (doesn’t exactly fulfill the American part of Asian-Pacific American Heritage, but since ESPN didn’t think it mattered I won’t either for this), or the Black Widow, but that’s it? Is that all that they could pull out to represent Asian American Heritage?

They didn’t have any Michael Chang footage anywhere? Kristi Yamaguchi? Nothing about Tim Lincecum anywhere in the archives? Surely there’s some J.Lin stuff still on a shelf somewhere right? I guess a doc on Christian Hosoi would be really stretching it.

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