17 October 2012

Wait…that was racist?

Caught my eye as I was scrolling through my newsfeeds today:

‘Charlie’s angel’ Filipino ‘slur’ stirs cyber storm and Lucy Liu doesn’t want to look like a Filipino

Cyber storm? I hadn’t heard, but ok. A few more links in and there’s a whole string of articles talking about Lucy apologizing for her “little Filipino” comment. I’m skeptical, but ok I’ll bite. Wasn’t too hard to find video of the offense (a little after one minute in):

Have to admit, the first time I heard her comment I chuckled. I laughed because really, which Filipino family doesn’t have some darker skinned folks showing up at every family gathering? It’s funny because it’s partially true – someone talking about some really tanned Asian in America? Chances are you’re talking about some Filipino. A bit oversensitive to consider the comment racist, but when you go back to that same family gathering you know there are some other folks in the room who think the only kind of skin to have is the lightest possible.

If anything the ‘outrage’ says more about how some Filipinos cling to the ‘lighter is better’ notion. I don’t get it, but you all know the feeling is out there. In the end I’m going to chalk this up to a little overreaction to a poor choice of words.

Ironic? At 2:30 in Lucy mentions she practices Eskrima for her workouts “because she thought it was really beautiful.”

Louder than words moment? Letterman’s reaction at 7:13 when Lucy says she could “look Mexican” when it gets hot out.

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