07 November 2013

Because I always celebrate Filipino - American month on Filipino time

So I caught the following via asianamericanjournal.com:
Morton Grove Mayor Dan DiMaria proclaimed October as Filipino-American heritage month and took a big step toward further integrating the ethnic group in village affairs.
Twenty-four members of the Fil-Am Association of Morton Grove were present during the Oct. 29 board meeting when DiMaria gave his speech.
Proclaimed October as Filipino-American heritage month...on October 29. First thing that came to my mind? Do things on Filipino time. Always on Filipino time. 

Ok I'm being nit picky. Or pedantic? Shouldn't we announce this stuff at the beginning of said month? Especially when Adobofest occurred in the same Chicago suburb one month earlier at the end of September?

Of course posting this a week into November after being silent for months doesn't help any, does it?

October proclaimed Filipino-American heritage month in Morton Grove [Morton Grove Champion]

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