09 April 2014

blah blah blah something something Pacquiao

It's coming up soon, kids. Filipino Super Bowl time - except that maybe Lolo isn't as confident now. Does it really matter? Any excuse to throw a get together, right?

So dust off your Pac Man gear, your flags and what not, and let's all gather around the pay per view while we listen to our Titos and Titas argue about how he's either going to win because he's affirmed his Christian faith or how he's going to lose because he's spending too much time Bible thumping when he should be focused on training.

Let's just not get all caught up in this folks. It was like suicide watch with some of you cats last time he lost and I can't be talking all of you off the ledges again. Personally I'm just hoping that all the talk about Manny (he's not your Kuya, btw) going bankrupt isn't true.

Oh, and please leave some lumpia on the table for Lola this time? You didn't even friggin' mano anyone when when you got here. No wonder they're always whispering about how they think you're too Americanized.

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